Twitter update

So two weeks after signing up for Twitter, here are my thoughts.

  • Fantastic for procrastination from marking.
  • Superb for expanding my PLN.
  • Amazing for links to interesting, relevant, current and thought-provoking blog posts and articles on education.
Communicate by kimberlyfaye on flickr

Communicate by kimberlyfaye on flickr

I read this post about the different types of Twitterer.  I haven’t been using it long enough yet to decide which category I fall into, but I know that I am following mainly #1’s and #2’s.  I have managed to resist facebook and myspace thus far, saying that I don’t want someone I vaguely remember from primary school, or summer camp, to come knocking on my door, and that I am still in touch with the people I still want to be in touch with.  But Twitter is different.  I have connected with other professionals in education, in international schools and in the US, Australia, NZ  (mainly – it seems UK teachers have not caught on yet).  I can see what they are reading, and ask them questions, and enter into dialogue, all with people I would never have discovered otherwise – at least not without a considerable amount of internet searching.  So I have revised my opinion about this phenomenon (I am allowed.  I am female.) and will continue to tap into it as a professional resource.  I will, however, also resist the urge to become and/or follow any of the twitterers that tell me they are about to board a plane to Bali, have just ordered a tall latte in Starbucks, or are turning in for the night.  Perhaps this youtube video says it best 🙂



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4 responses to “Twitter update

  1. Nice post! I understand your initial hesitation with the latest social networking tool. It seems that they are growing at an exponential rate nowadays. After I got tricked into this one called Yari (Indian teenager social networking site) and then somehow got a hold of all my gmail contacts sending invites to EVERYONE, I now keep a watchful eye on which ones I sign up for. Twitter is here to stay and a great one for educators. The challenge is to get more teachers to buy into it for it to really be productive! Happy tweeting.

  2. koppm

    Thanks for the post, Nadine. I must admit that up to this point I had pretty much written off Twitter as just another thing to help me waste time – which isn’t something I really need a lot of help with. Your post has caused me to re-think it. I guess I perceived Twitter in the light that you mentioned at the end of your post – boarding the plane, drinking a latte, etc. – and not as an opportunity to expand my PLN. Thanks for the perspective,


  3. kerrieedwards1

    I LOVE the youtube video!!! How did you manage to find and add the contacts to improve your PLN? I guess maybe if I signed up it would become clearer to me but as of yet I find it akll a bit confusing!! I am eager to try this out now though and see what kind of network I can create for myself!! Thanks for the post! 🙂

  4. pekina

    You are inspiring to others as we follow your learning journey – it is about being open minded to new ideas such as twitter and putting in the time to give them a ‘fair’ go before passing judgement. Which is what we are asking our students to do is it not? I am glad to be traveling this technology road as I walk slightly behind in your footprints!

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