Getting the balance right

Life is about balance – balanced diet, balancing work and rest, balancing time spent with each of my children, balancing my desire to try new things in the classroom and my innate reluctance to change what has worked in the past…. you get the idea.

As my head is exploding with all the new things I am learning as a result of this course, and the many ideas that are floating, half-formed, in my brain right now, I have a concern:

The time I spend reading [and more recently writing] blogs will potentially take away from the time I spend actually speaking to colleagues – about students, about curriculum, about assessment, about technology in the classroom.  Don’t get me wrong – I can ABSOLUTELY see the benefit of all these new tools and their use in improving learning – but my dilemma is that I will be interacting more with teachers virtually than physically.  Schools are busy places and teachers are a busy breed, so finding time to both learn by networking in cyberspace and collaborate with the teacher in the room next door may be a challenge.

I have read a lot of blogs lately, and one that heartened me greatly was this:

Interestingly it is by two teachers at my old school.  I didn’t actually work with them as I was on extended maternity leave when they joined the staff, but in this small universe of international education, it is no surprise that there is a connection.  The post above encourages us novices to start small, and build gradually.  That is a smart plan.

Back to finding that elusive balance….



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5 responses to “Getting the balance right

  1. SteveMc

    Well…you are becoming quite the blog reader & writer. It is good to see somebody else from the course going through the same ‘wow’ factor I am feeling about what the blogosphere brings with it. I too am trying to get my head around the steps I need to take next.

  2. dickinsonn

    …see earlier post on procrastination….. those lab reports still need marking!

  3. Hi Nadine! SOOOO great to see you here – and what a lovely compliment! I’m tickled. Thanks for the pingback to Pockets of Change! Which SUNY Masters are you doing? I’m quite intrigued. And good luck getting the balance right — it is so tricky, isn’t it?

  4. I find I use blog discussions for different things than face-to-face ones:

    When I want to read up on the latest discussions or really stretch my thinking, I go check out some blogs by people whose thinking on various topics I respect or find useful.

    If I want more immediate conversation, or have more tentative questions that are harder to formulate, f2f is quicker and easier.

    Perhaps it’s also a question of what medium works for you. I personally like reading blogs and listening to podcasts and learn a lot from that. People with different learning styles don’t necessarily enjoy that at all, or they find it hard to take in information in that way.

    (…or maybe I’m just a bit slow – I certainly find that for complex topics, reading and writing works better for me than listening and speaking. In my defense, that could also come from English not being my first language :o)

  5. Hi Nadine, you are an example to us all!! I think bloging is going to be useful for reflection but if I want to know something I need to talk to someone. I’m not sure I’m going to find it easy to get into the habit of blogging unless I can find something that really inspires and interests me. I’m not convinced that history teachers are very techo minded but perhaps I’ll be proven wrong.

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